Good execution

Happy to learn this master strategy. Main thing is we need to understand the execution. Good process given by Master strategy and I am 100 % sure to make profits now.


master strategy taken and have to test it

I have taken the master strategy and will have to test it in the coming days and will post the results

sumanth kumar d

New style trading

I have never traded in derivatives markets so far. Now after taking the strategy I am going to first time trade in derivatives.But feeling confident after getting guidance from Pradeepji.

kishore, Mumbai


Just taken Master strategy. Looks really interesting. Will be able to tell after trading for some months.


Good strategy

After taking this strategy, one thing is very clear to me. I do not want to trade anything else except this master strategy because I know my money is safe. Let me see for some months what profit I can accumulate.


WoW!!! NO LOSSSSES.......


Dear Pradeep ji, i have earned a handsome amount in 2014-2015 with the option strategies taught by you in http://www.theoptionschool.in Class. These strategies involve some risk. But now i am looking forward to join this MASTERSTRATEGY.IN class (No Loss Strategy). Really excited. Thanks in Advance.

Akaash Bansal

Should have taken it much

Should have taken it much earlier and avoided the losses I incurred in trading. Now, i am on track to recovery. Thanks to your strategy.

Anmol garg

Something that works

After a long time I have got something that really works. Thanks.


By making this strategy, you have removed fear of loosing in the market. I am really thankful to Mr Pradeep and his team for showing me the right path in this kind of market. I made 5.4% return in the month of March for the first time in stock markets.

Kulbhushan , Delhi

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