Does your trading strategy offers you a sound sleep ?



Recently one of our clients shared with us – I am feeling much healthier after trading through Master Strategy!


His answer took me back into history when I was trading without any sound strategy. Every time I was in pressure as if something happening somewhere in the world will take my money from me. In fact , virtually I was tracking everything happening to Fed , Dow Jones, European Markets,  RBI announcements , SGX Nifty and was always on toes. 

Always worried !

It was as if I am taking pressure of all the events of the world on ME.

And for what ? For my hard earned money which I had invested in markets for some extra return.

Was it worth anything ? Not at all. Whatever amount of news, events I follow, I was never in a position to catch up.

And these things definitely have repercussions. If you are always worried , you are not able to sleep without fear , there are consequences on health.

So, when Mr Prasad said he is feeling healthy, I was able to immediately connect it with my own horrible experience of trading without a  sound strategy. 

This continued for quite some time till we were able to polish our trading skills and were able to zero in on MASTER STRATEGY.

Since we do not have any fear of losing money with any kind of crash, we always feel safe. Yes, we have stopped following the global events day in and day out. 


Although trading has become boring , but nobody trades for entertainment! ( )

We are able to get a SOUND SLEEP as we do not have fear of capital erosion.

If you are trading in fear, go ahead and take this strategy. Things will surly change.

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