As a retail investor , whenever we trade in Stock markets, we are looking for much better returns than what a bank fixed deposit will give.

We are also able to generate decent returns for a month or may be for two months. BUT then – there is a month or week, in which market behaves in such a way that we not only loose profits of previous months but also part of our capital !

This happens with all of us.

At this juncture , we start thinking that it would have been much better had I kept my money in Bank only.

At least my money would have grown !

At least my capital would not have reduced in value !

At least there would not be any loss !

So if we all know this , why we go to stock markets at all ?

We go to stock markets to get returns which beat inflation as well as taxes, which Bank deposit cannot do . But what about safety of capital?

If we can devise a strategy which either gives me profit and in worst case, it at least conserves my capital . Wouldn't that be great ? We will be having benefit of capital protection as well as higher returns.

This is what we are able to achieve with our MASTER STRATEGY. EITHER PROFIT OR ZERO LOSS.

So from 12 months, even we make profits for 8 months and zero loss for balance 4 months, we are much better than any other investment. Learn this great strategy and create earnings for lifetime.

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